Sunday, July 5, 2015

Almost Finished......Again

Today was a perfect summer day. Perfect for a short day trip filled with amazing animals, a picnic lunch and hat knitting.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


It's a good thing that I enjoyed knitting this hat.  Because I get to knit it again.  I ran out of yarn.  I was a little suspicious how one ball of yarn was going to knit either a baby hat or an adult small.  Maybe it's just me that thinks it's a good idea to have a hat that is long enough to cover your ears?

Things started out ok

Then I started to worry

Then I ran out of yarn

Then I checked the pattern, my gauge and the size of the hat and yes it should have worked out

Then I started again, this time 2 sizes smaller

Friday, July 3, 2015

What's One More Project?

You would think having a blanket, a sock and a mitt on the needles would be enough to keep me busy right?  Nope.  I couldn't resist and I cast on this hat.

This ball of yarn and pattern had been passed from Knitter to Knitter looking for someone to knit it into a fun hat for a lucky little girl this winter and it has ended up with me.

I'll knit it up and add it to my growing bag of charity knitting.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Half Way There

My day started off with a physio appointment for my broken ankle.  It's healed nicely but my plan for skipping physio and doing my own exercises clearly hasn't worked since I'm still limping around.  The physiotherapist was really helpful.  I came away with a list of exercises to work on and feeling glad that I gave into all my friends suggestions to have a professional help with with the recovery process.

I figured that since the physio clinic was about halfway to the yarn shop I would just head on down there and pick up the 2 balls of yarn that  I'll need to finish my double knit blanket.

This itty, bitty four rounds was the start of my blanket in the new colours.  If I wanted to be picky (otherwise known as reading the pattern correctly) I'd be upset that I already messed up the colour pattern.  I let that mistake go because I didn't mind having a solid center for my blanket.  Then I dropped 2 sts while attempting to rearrange my increased stitches - see that hole in the bottom left? At this point I was thinking about starting again.  Then the final straw, I pulled my knitting out of the bag and one of the dpns came out of the sts.  It's official.  I'm starting over.

When I finished yarn shopping I decided that since I was halfway to the beach that would be a good place to regroup before starting this double knitting again.  So off I went.

It was a beautiful day for the beach; sun, birds, butterflies and the sound of the waves.  I didn't want to leave but this blanket isn't going to start itself so I headed home for an evening of knitting.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

I mentioned yesterday that I bought a new sweater kit from Mary Maxim.  Here it is.  I really struggled deciding between the reindeer and the beaver.  As you can see I picked the beaver pattern but I holding off casting on until I have the mittens finished. 

I've been wanting to knit this pattern all winter but didn't buy it because some of us Knitting Goddesses had challenged ourselves to just knit from our stashes from January to June.  When the stash challenge was over I had a broken ankle and couldn't drive to Mary Maxim to buy the kit.  But, a couple of days ago everything aligned.  My ankle had healed and I could drive.  Want to guess where the first place I went was? You guessed it!  These kits are only available for a limited time so I didn't want to wait any longer and miss out.  

With today being Canada Day I can't think of a more patriotic sweater than one with a beaver and maple leaves.

Since it was a holiday was had some family time and now we are heading out to fireworks!  I hope everyone else enjoyed their day!

(p.s. It was great to meet you in person Amanda while I was at Mary Maxim.  Thanks for the great service too!)

Back to Double Knitting

Just when I have some great knitting to show you I can't.  At the moment I don't have anyway of adding the pictures to the blog that I want to show you; technical troubles with my phone.  

But I can tell you that:  

1) I finished one of the mittens and have cast on for mitten number 2

2)  I also started my double knit blanket again.  This time with different yarn and needles so I think I'll like it better and

3) I did some yarn shopping for a new sweater kit from Mary Maxim which I'm not letting myself start until I finish the mittens

I did some looking back at some old pictures and found this one taken a few months ago.  (I just couldn't hit publish without a picture!)  This is Amanda's double knit blanket well underway and mine just started (the original one that I've decide to put on hold, I started a new one tonight).  One day I'll catch up to Amanda or at least make it past round 9 :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

So Close...

Just a quick update on the mitten knitting.  The thumb stitches have been put on a holder and I finished the medallion cable pattern.  There is just a few rounds to knit until the shaping begins for the top of the mitt. Should be finished by tomorrow!!